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Our Policy is to provide best quality products to ensure this we provides 100% surety for returning product price. Despite of product usage or 100% utilization we offers the Money Back to customers. We communicate all required procedure at various levels to our customers.

Yes. If you are ordering Make to Order Products, you will get Money Back if you are not satisfied with the product. All you have to do is simply follow the Policy and procedure as directed by us. You can return the product after use also!

Dear Customer, As a premium brand we always take good care for you, we ensure that each product is made and delivered as per customer order.  As per given order quantity and delivery location time to complete the order varies from single day to few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is get the products from your nearest authorized dealer . You can ask your retailer to get it for you from the dealer. For availing offers please watch advertisements at your nearby areas or you can get it from our website.

How do I Get the authentic products with offers?

How much time will it take, if I want to procure ‘Make to Order’ Products?

Can I get 100% Money back if I am not satisfied with the Product?

What is Money Back  and Quality Policy?

We offers 100% Money Back Policy on Make to Order Products, it is offered simply because—   (1.) We want to ensure you about the quality. (2.) We don't want to charge you for sub standard quality which will not be at par with your expectation. We are not Money hungry businesses. 

Why is there Money Back Policy ?

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